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About Eddex Concept.

Eddex Concept Sdn Bhd is a first (1st) generation enterprise that offers and specializes in project management, interior construction, development and large-scale renovations & architectural works since 2014, we have worked for more than a decade in commercial retail, banking & finance, corporate office, hospitality, residential and many more.

Today, Eddex Concept combines these two forces to provide a unique expertise, outstanding service and customer experience. With a passion for artisan craftsmanship, delivering on realizing the client’s vision is one of the core expertise of Eddex Concept’s team.

The founder’s never-ending thirst for learning about advancement in the construction field is how Eddex Concept brings efficient workflow processes to each project and stays on top of best practices to better coordinate each phase of the new build or renovation. Quality assurance on all deliverables is at the top of our priorities, which has been proven to be one of the driving forces behind our success.


Naturally, it is our Vision to reach a level where our firm’s name will become synonymous with innovation project management. Our dream is to make Eddex Concept the sought after brand in interior contractor, for Eddex Concept to be the name that people not only recognize but also will never forget in regards to excellence, creativity and commitment.


Our Mission is to educate the public into realizing that everybody can afford the services of interior renovation. The awareness can be created through the projects we undertake. At Eddex Concept, we give great emphasis to our client’s quality. We supervise and advise them on material, technology and design with reference to the service at hand, ensuring that every cent spent will bring back greater value to the client. And with our very own fabrication factory at our disposal, project cost becomes lesser still.

Nature of Works

As a professional interior contractor and project management, Eddex Concept Sdn. Bhd. has been partnering clients in Malaysia since 2014. Our motto has always been meet and complete all project deadline with the highest quality of workmanship and material.

Large or small, we personally support each our clients to achieve the most innovation and effective solutions. That’s why, along with our commitment to quality, we are proud of our outstanding delivery and attention to the detail and will continue to buid on our skill to keep in touch with out clients need ahead of their expectation.

Eddex Concept Sdn Bhd has gained greater confidence to further fulfill its potential to become an influential plays in the local interior fit. out. We undertake the full scope of works as below listed. And We are also performing the duty of main contractor involved in work coordination for sub-contractors and suppliers appointed by the clients.

Scope of Works

  • Joinery Work
  • Built-In Furniture
  • Loose Furniture
  • Woodwork
  • Flooring Work
  • Ceiling Work
  • Wall covering / Wall Work
  • Masonry
  • Structural Work
  • Mechanical & Electrical works

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